for the LAMPA International Film Festival
About the project
The LAMPA International Film Festival is a charitable cinematic project aimed at developing social video content and popularising volunteerism in the world.
The concept of the festival required a bright design of the promo site. The film festival covers important social topics, so we chose a bright beam and colored blocks illuminated by a light source as the basis for the design. This solution helps to draw users' attention to certain information.
Main page
Interactive slider
A beam of light follows the user's cursor, "highlights" and zooms in on the elements shown in the slider.
Animated scrolling
When scrolling, a light wave appears smoothly, resembling a trace from a spotlight. The cursor looks like a spot of light from a flashlight, highlighting the monochrome elements of the main page.
News and events
The elements are located at different levels and visually repeat the shape of the light wave. Images can fill containers in the shape of the festival logo, and on hover they become brighter.
The main persons of the film festival are arranged in the form of a carousel with horizontal scrolling.
Reviews of the festival participants are designed in the form of quotes and partially located on top of the image. This creates the effect of going beyond the usual.
Brands and partners
Monochrome logos line up in a continuous scrolling carousel.
Inner pages
First screens