branding of a new activity line of the KRMZ for the industrial robots-manipulators introduction. Main slogan: "Robots are simple!"
This is what a robotic arm looks like
The robot has a "hand" and different attachments. Our design team visited the factory and saw this technique in action. This gave us inspiration, as a result of which we offered the client three different design concepts.
When we create a logo concept, we always show how it will "live" in the context of application. We do not just draw some kind of picture or icon, but we think over the logo based on the environment in which it will be located and the tasks that it must perform.
The concept of the first version was based on the ideas of constructivism: each object reflects only its main essence, without unnecessary details and decor. The balance of empty and full, black and white create perfect harmony from the minimum number of objects.
The second concept is based on such images as pipeline, assembly, set of operations, functionality, repeatability. The logo is a combination of functional robot operations.
The third option was based on the "cubo-futurism" style. It ideally conveys the idea of volume, three-dimensionality of the object, constructive integrity, the play of shapes and faces.
The second option fully meets our goals and objectives
Work on the choosen consept

After the client chose the option, its design took place: various corporate elements were developed, the font and colors, style patterns and techniques were selected.

A series of different layouts was developed for the logo. Different "nozzles" symbolize a certain action: for example, welding welds letters, a manipulator moves elements. It turned out an interesting and lively style!