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Creating a logo or style for us is not just "draw an icon and write in a name". This is a completely different concept — the creation of the company image and it self-identification.

Company image creation

In our understanding, the logo is the carrier and expression of the company spirit, part of the corporate culture. Just like a person — their own name, character, style, image — this is all that makes up a personality and is a means of communication with the target audience.
Logo stands out company from others
Acquaintance, brief, inspiration

The process of logo creating

Each of our logos is a little story. Learn more how it's made.
Logo creating begins with a meeting with the customer and filling out our brief. Regardless of whether a company or product logo is being developed, we delve into all the details.

The product is important to see, feel, use it or try it in action.

About the company, it is important to understand what it does, what are its features, what kind of people work in it, what motivates them.
When we were developing the logo for CRT company, our team visited the factory and saw the equipment in action. This gave us an understanding of the product and inspired three different concepts.
Sketches and outlines
Before working at the computer, we look for ideas on paper. Pencils and pens are used, sketches of dozens of ideas are thrown. The most interesting is selected by a discussion between designers and art director: from 2 to 4 ideas.

It is important at this moment to see how the logo will open in a digitized form, how it will take shape in a style and look like on print, how it can be developed in the future.

digitalizing of ideas

The selected material begins to take on a life on the computer. First, we draw all the options we like in monochrome, as we believe that any logo without color should not lose its recognition.
logo concept
We print out a lot of options, hang them on the wall, review and evaluate from different positions — how they will look in real life, and not just on the monitor screen. This is a very important stage of selection, as the decision is made to leave only the 2 best options.

We pay attention to which of the logos most accurately reflects what we want to convey. After that, we draw up 2 complete concepts.
After the first stage, we present the ideas to the customer. We always follow a few simple rules:
1. We do not show the customer intermediate options and semi-finished solutions.
2. We choose two final options through careful analysis and discussion.
3. The customer chooses one concept and we finalize only it. We do not return to other concepts.
4. If the customer did not like anything presented, then it makes no sense to continue working: the best that we could do, we have already done.
Rework of the chosen concept and corporate identity creation
The next stage begins: creqation of corporate identity, brand book, booklets etc. We treat each of the elements with care and do everything visually: checking how it will look in life, and not just on the display.
Preparing of a corporate identity guide
When all the work on logo creating is completed, we give the customer source of all the necessary materials, and also prepare a short guide to corporate identity. The brand book contains the basic rules applicable to the composition of the logo, corporate blocks, color combinations.
Cost and terms
A logo never exists on its own in a vacuum. It is always located on some surface next to various elements on letterheads, business cards, websites, packaging, etc.

Therefore, when creating a logo, we take into account how it will live and look in the environment in combination with other things.

We do not demonstrate the logo only on the monitor, but we always print samples of how it looks on paper when printed on different media.

For this reason, we never suggest designing a logo separately from style. Our offer is always comprehensive.
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presentation videos

We can also make a presentation video.
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