The Made By Beavers company produces handicrafts made of wood: stairs, gazebos, interior and decor items, furniture — in rustic style.

for the family workshop

About the project
Project concept
The design concept is based on the advantages of the company: environmental friendliness, naturalness, proximity to nature. In nature, there are no right angles and clear geometric shapes inherent in the architecture of people.
Smooth lines, asymmetrical blocks, restrained colors, lots of free space, handwritten fonts.
All these techniques help to create an emotional brand image and arouse interest and trust in a potential client.
The personal life history of the authors and creators of this furniture emphasizes the truthfulness and sincerity of the brand, makes you want to touch their work.
Every detail of the website design has been carefully worked out. The brand authors left their signatures and handwritten inscriptions, arranged photo shoots in the forest. All cones and branches on the site are real.
The site emphasizes that this is a family business: the standard section "About the company" is designed almost like a love-story.
Product cards are designed on the Tilda constructor with professional photographs in a single style.
The brand authors held a professional photo session