We offer a rapid team extension to your project within 1-2 weeks of up to 20 developers (frontend, backend).
from 30 € per hour
Dedicated Team
our resources
25 developers in staff
PHP, Laravel
HTML5/CSS, VanillaJS, React, Vue
2000+ hours
how we work
We organize a full cycle of software development: programming, management, testing, implementation. We help to create a large system or quickly launch an MVP.
We form a professional team under your management. A clear schedule of releases, sprints and demos.
We connect experienced IT-specialists to your project (backend, frontend, mobile, QA, SDET, DevOps, design, analytics).
Turnkey project
Individual team
Enhancement your developer’s team
from 30 € per hour
We are set
for a long-term partnership
We will perform a test task at the request of the customer.
We will connect a team (from an middle level and above) to your project within 3 working days.
If necessary, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
Depending on the number of working hours, we will reduce the cost of an hour.
We will provide you with a replacement specialist in case of vacation or illness of someone from the team.